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Fabriano 1264 Watercolour Pads

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Fabriano 1264 Watercolour Pads are a versatile pad for a variety of wet and dry media applications including watercolour, as well as gouache, acrylic, inks, pencil, and more!

Fabriano 1264 Watercolour Pads are made with a heavyweight, 300gsm paper that makes them a great all-rounder surface. They are excellent for lifting and scrubbing techniques due to their weight and texture. The paper in Fabriano 1264 Watercolour pads is cold-pressed and sized internally and externally with a specially formulated vegan sizing. The sheets contain 25% cotton for good strength even when wet, and the double metal spiral binding along the short edge gives additional strength and security.

The sheets within are perforated for clean and easy removal before or after painting.

Fabriano 1264 range are acid-free and archival, with pulp from FSC forests and 60% of power used in production comes from renewable sources.

  • Use With: Acrylic, Gouache, Ink, Watercolour
  • Surface Weight: 300gsm
  • Surface Texture: Medium (Cold Pressed)
  • Surface colour: Bright White
  • Acid Free