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FoamWerks Consumables Replacement Blades WC-20 (20 pcs)

SKU 9104202
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FoamWerks Replacement Blades are easy to use blades that are designed for use with 5mm foam board. The blades offer perfectly straight cuts, and are a great choice for architectural and room models, craft projects, home decor, holiday & school projects. All FoamWerks cutting tools feature quick-change blades and ergonomic designs.

The WC style blade fits the Straight Cutter, Straight/Bevel Cutter, and Rabbet Cutter.

Please note, when using these cutting tools, always place a scrap piece of foam board underneath the piece you are working with. This will protect the tool and extend the life of your blades. It's recommended to change blades regularly.

Do not use FoamWerks tools for cutting other items.