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Golden Colour Pouring Medium (Matte)

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$26.15 - $147.00
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Golden have recently announced a change to GAC 800, it has been replaced by their purpose-built Color Pouring  Mediums in Gloss or Matte.

Mix Fluid or High Flow acrylic paints into Golden Colour Pouring Mediums to create stunning paint pours. Unlike epoxy two-pack pouring resins, Golden's water-borne acrylic Pouring Mediums won't discolour, crack or delaminate over time and will remove exposure to dangerous chemical epoxy fumes.

Mixing instructions: Gently mix 10 parts Colour Pouring Medium with 1 part acrylic colour, allow mixture to sit to eliminate air bubbles. Pour. It's that simple!

Gloss Colour Pouring Medium has been built to resist crazing, dries to a glossy and level finish in up to 3mm thick layers.

Paintings may need to dry for a few days before moving and tenting is recommended. Do not pour thicker than 1/8" (3mm) or attempt to accelerate drying.

Colour Pouring Medium information sheet - click here

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