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Jo Sonja 250ml Crackle Medium

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Jo Sonja's Crackle Medium is a transparent medium used to create fine, crackle finish over completed acrylic paintings. This medium dries clear and will produce a 'cracked varnish' effect like that found on old porcelain. Once dry, this medium is intended to be sanded smooth and antiqued to highlight crazed areas.


  • Prepare piece and paint in the usual manner. Allow to dry.
  • Using a soft brush, apply an even layer of Jo Sonja's Crackle Medium over the surface where the crazing effect is desired. The brush should be used similar to a palette knife, laying on the medium instead of 'brushing' it out. After it is applied to the surface, overbrushing or reworking produces very fine, wispy crackles.
  • Crackling will occur if room temperature is moderate to warm. Do not touch during the drying process. If surface is uneven when dry, lightly sand.
  • Medium will be cured when completely dry. To emphasize the crazing, brush a darker colour thinned with either Jo Sonja's Flow Medium or Jo Sonja's Retarder into the cracks. Use a soft cloth moistened with Retarder to remove excess colour.
  • Practice on a sample piece is recommended before attempting a project.


Thicker applications of Jo Sonja Crackle over fresher paint will create larger crackle patterns.

Trouble Shooting:

Cracking is not evident.
Possibly not enough medium applied or overworking of the medium. 'Spread' rather than brush across the surface, apply a generous amount. A good test is to pour some Crackle Medium directly onto your palette. Allow this to thoroughly dry. If the Medium has cracked then the product is not being applied thickly enough on your piece.

Crackle Medium dries unevenly.
Sand smooth when thoroughly dry and antique to highlight cracks. Uneven size of actual cracks is normal. If a more consistent result is desired, try to apply the medium more evenly. A ruler is useful for spreading.