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Liquitex Black Gesso Primer

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Liquitex Black Gesso is a pre-mixed black acrylic ground, perfect for preparing your surface and adding a dark background for atmospheric paintings. This gesso is suitable for use with acrylic and oil paints, as well as graphite, pencil, charcoal, chalk, and oil pastels!

Liquitex Black Gesso can be used on raw canvas, hardboard, paper, wood, and other non-oily, porous materials, giving them tooth and turning them into a surface you can create beautiful artworks on! Priming your surface with gesso gives maximum colour adhesion and stability. Liquitex Black Gesso will help create the optimal absorbency for paint applications or establish a suitable surface for charcoal and pencil drawings.

To achieve a professional standard, archival base for your artworks, use Liquitex Black Gesso. It can be applied undiluted, or thinned with up to 25% water, and applied in thin coats with a wide, flat brush. Apply 2-4 coats if using as a base for oil painting, allowing to dry and lightly sanding between applications.