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Liquitex Crackle Paste

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Liquitex Crackle Paste creates a crackled texture as it dries on rigid surfaces. It dries to a hard, opaque finish while maintaining paint adhesion, durability and archival quality.

Use the Liquitex Crackle Paste on its own by applying directly to the rigid surface and then paint over using acrylic paints once dry (allow 24 hours), or mix it into your acrylic coloursing no more than 15% paint to 85% medium. Apply paste evenly to surface with a palette knife.

Cracking will vary depending on how thickly you apply it - the effects will be more obvious on thicker applications but will take longer to dry. The recommended thickness for crackling effect is between 5 and 10mm.

Liquitex Crackle Paste is fully intermixable with the rest of the Liquitex range.

Size: 237ml