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Liquitex Professional Paint Markers 15mm

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Colour: Cadmium Yellow Light Hue 159

Liquitex Professional Paint Markers boast the finest quality professional acrylic paint from Liquitex in a handy marker-style pen for easy application! These paint markers give lettering artists and painters alike precise control when applying acrylic paints.

The 15mm nib is great for filling in backgrounds and creating bold strokes. The line width is great for creating lettering and displays to be seen from a distance, and the chisel nib allows artists to vary the line width in their work.

The Liquitex Professional Paint Markers are made with fine art pigments and are highly lightfast. The applied paint is permanent and water-resistant once dry and will give you a satin finish that is flexible on your surface. Artists are able to overpaint or varnish without the paint bleeding, offering artists the ability to achieve layering effects in their work.

Liquitex Professional Acrylic Markers are suitable for use on a wide variety of surfaces including canvas, wood, glass, metal, photo paper, clay, paper, and more!

To use Liquitex Professional Paint Markers, first shake the marker vigorously to activate and mix the paint. Prime the nib by pressing it down a few times on a test surface until the paint flows – note that paint is released whenever the nib is pressed in, so take care not to over-prime it. Once your nib is ready, you can get to work!