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Matisse Artist Transparent Gesso

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MM26 Transparent Gesso is similar to MM10 Gesso and MM25 Black Gesso only without pigmentation; therefore, giving a transparent (although not altogether clear) flexible primer for canvas, board or even paper with an excellent tooth for easy paint manipulation. If working on canvas, Matisse MM26 Transparent Gesso will tighten the canvas, making a firmer ground to paint on.

As a Pastel Primer

MM26 Transparent Gesso has been specifically formulated to be mixed with the Matisse Background Colours to give a coloured primer with extra €œtooth€ for painting and especially as a pastel primer. Mix 1 part MM26 Transparent Gesso with 2 parts Matisse Background Colour (up to equal parts), stir well; the resultant mixture will give a brilliant surface on paper, board or canvas with which to accept and hold pastels including oil pastels.

(Hint: Vary the ratio of MM26 Transparent Gesso mixed with Matisse Background Colour to vary the degree of roughness or €œtooth€ in the primed surface.)

Folk Artists

Although not formulated for Folk Art use, many decorative painters have contacted us to let us know how much they like using this product to prepare craftwood pieces.

We have been told that by applying a coat of this and sanding before your first coat of Matisse Background Colours will help to quickly reduce €˜furry€™ routed edges.

You can even apply MM26 Transparent Gesso between coats of Background colours, as it is relatively transparent, and shows little to no brush strokes when applied straight from the bottle. This is useful when you find a particular piece rougher than you expected.

However, you should not use MM26 Transparent Gesso as a top coat.