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Matisse Background Acrylic Paints 250ml

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Matisse Background Acrylic Paint are an ideal two-in-one gesso which seals and adds colour to a variety of surfaces. They are highly pigmented low-tooth gesso which are designed for use on canvas but are also suitable for use on almost any surface such as wood, paper, board, terracotta, and more. They will dry to a matt-velvet finish. 

Matisse Background Acrylic Paint can be used with Matisse Artists Transparent Gesso to increase the adhesion and add tooth for preparing a pastel surface. Use on its own or mix with Matisse Acrylic Paints or mediums to create unique effects.

You can apply these Background Acrylics directly from the jar using a brush or roller. The wide mouth stackable jars make it easy to apply these 250ml paints with a brush straight from the container.

Matisse Background Acrylic Paint should be applied in thin coats less than 0.5mm thick to avoid cracking.