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Matisse Structure Fundamental Skin Tones Set

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The Matisse Structure Fundamental Skin Tones Set is the ideal choice for aspiring and professional portrait painters looking to create realistic skin tones.

Featuring carefully selected pigments with a heavy body consistency, supreme lightfastness, and excellent archival properties, this set allows you to achieve depth and richness that brings your work to life. From subtle shadows to illuminating highlights, these pigments give you the range of nuance needed to craft beautifully lifelike portraits.

Leave behind the mess and hassle of mixing your own paint - let our specially formulated blend do the job for you. This set provides an essential foundation for any ambitious artist's palette, giving you access to shades inspired by nature that can be used time and time again in whatever creative vision they come up with. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced professional, this remarkable set will help you bring your artwork into focus like never before.

Featuring five 75ml tubes of Matisse Structure Formula paint - consisting of high-quality pigments along with archival ingredients for bright and long lasting vibrancy - this masterfully curated colour palette will deliver vivid brushstrokes across your canvas each and every time. Plus, its heavy body makes it ideal for application with either a brush or palette knife. Once dry, Matisse Structure Formula paint is totally flexible, water resistant and permanent.