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Modern Painters Professional Artist Canvas Boards 10oz 10mm profile

Original price $19.45 - Original price $41.95
Original price
$19.45 - $41.95
Current price $19.45

Modern Painters Professional Artist Canvas Boards

10mm Board – 10oz. Cotton Duck

Modern Painters canvas boards were created for a simple reason; to provide an alternative to poor quality, off-the-shelf canvases for artists. The cotton duck canvas boards are hand-made using 5 & 10mm MDF board, making each one resistant to buckling. The MDF boards are coated with acid free glue sizing giving you an archival, long lasting artists canvas board suitable for all media. These panels are also ideal for encaustic work.


• Hand-made with care

• Double primed with acrylic gesso

• MDF board with acid free sizing