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Neef 95 Stiff Synthetic Fan Brushes

Original price $24.45 - Original price $26.45
Original price
$24.45 - $26.45
Current price $24.45

Since1988, Neef has been supplying professional brushes to artists with the highest standards.

You can rely on the Green series brushes for top-notch quality, ready to meet any artistic needs. The Neef 95 Synthetic Fan Brush exemplifies exceptional craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring its efficiency as an artist's tool.

This fan brush combines softness and stiffness, maintaining its memory and resilience throughout usage. It promises durability and shape retention, whether in oil or acrylic painting. As a distinguished choice for the finest art pieces, it offers excellent control, precision, and finesse.

With proper care, this brush will serve you for years, consistently delivering exceptional results.