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Neef 987 Taklon Short Flat Brushes

Original price $7.50 - Original price $26.70
Original price
$7.50 - $26.70
Current price $7.50

Neef 987 Taklon Short Flat Brushes are made with soft white taklon hair that provide a smooth stroke. They have very strong filaments, excellent colour carrying capacity and a short handle for ease of control.

Neef 987 Taklon Short Flat Brushes (also called a shader) feature a flat-ferruled and square hair. It is ideal for blocking in colour, shading, blending and highlights.

Suitable for watercolour, gouache, acrylics, oils and also inks.

Most quality brushes were originally made from animal hair. When the invention of synthetic hair first came about, the quality of those brushes werent great. Robert A Wade aka "Australia's Unofficial Ambassador of Watercolour" the worked in collaboration with Neef to create a quality synthetic brush that could mimic the benefits of natural haired brushes. 


Size Width of hair at ferrule Length of hair
1/8 4mm 8mm
7mm 10mm
3/8 10mm
1/2 12mm
15mm 18mm
3/4 18mm 20mm