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PanPastel Ultra Soft Artist Pastel Portrait Starter Set

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PanPastel Ultra Soft Artists' Pastels Portrait Starter Set, with its carefully-curated array of colours,  is the perfect starting point for creating stunning portraits.

Discover PanPastel Ultra Soft Artist Pastel Portrait Starter Set and enjoy a revolutionary way to paint with pastels. This flavour of artistry combines the subtlety and detail you expect from traditional pastels, with the versatility and flexibility of a painting technique. Thanks to PanPastel's unique manufacturing process, these ultra-soft pastels boast an exceptional amount of pigment with minimal binder for dust-free application and seamless blending. And unlike more conventional pastels, the colours are highly blendable to create new shades - just like paint.

The PanPastel Ultra Soft Artist Pastels come pre-loaded in round pans which contain far more product than the average stick set, giving you incredible value for your money. Plus, their creamy softness is great for detail work, where fine lines and transitions are needed. The included tools are designed specifically to help you apply the colour evenly over large surface areas or add delicate details. PanPastel Ultra Soft Artist colours are cadmium free, meaning you can create without worrying about harsh chemicals.

Whether you're an experienced artist or a fledgling beginner just starting their journey in exploring their creative side, the PanPastel Ultra Soft Artist Pastel Portrait Starter Set is sure to become your go-to choice when it comes time to bring imagination into reality.

This set contains:

  • 7 x PanPastel Colours (Yellow Ochre Tint, Red Iron Oxide Tint, Magenta, Ultramarine Blue Shade, Burnt Sienna Shade, Neutral Grey Extra Dark,Titanium White)
  • 1 x Plastic Knife
  • 2 x Oval Knife Covers
  • 1 x Round Angle Slice Sponge
  • 1 x Round Art Sponge