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Pebeo Studio High Viscosity Acrylic Paint Set 20

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Pebeo Studio High Viscosity Acrylic Paint Set contains 20 tubes of acrylic paint with bright, rich pigments. The range consists of opaque, semi-opaque and transparent colours that produce a satin finish when dry. Suitable for use on canvas, wood, and metal.

The Pebeo Studio Acrylic Paints have a thick consistency ideal for achieving a wide range of textures and effects. They can be combined with acrylic mediums and varnishes to achieve different effects and finishes in your artwork. Apply thickly if you wish for brush or spatula marks to be retained in your artwork. 

Paint will become touch dry in around 30-60 minutes and completely dry in 1-8 days depending on the thickness of application. Wait 1-2 weeks before applying a varnish.

Easily clean brushes & tools with water or a brush cleaner before paint dries. 

Set contains 20 x 20ml paint tubes in the following colours: Titanium White, Opaque Primary Yellow, Cadmium Red Hue, Primary Magenta, Dark Ultramarine Blue, Opaque Primary Cyan, Phthalocyanine Green, Yellow Ochre, Mars Black, Cadmium Orange Hue, Azo Pink, Oriental Violet, Turquoise Blue, Cadmium Green Hue, Ivory, Burnt Umber, Payne's Grey, Iridescent Red-Blue, Iridescent Green-Blue, and Iridescent Green-Yellow.

Set also contains a Taklon Flat Size 6 Brush.