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Pebeo Studio XL Huile Fine Oil Collection Box

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Pebeo Studio XL Huile Fine Oil Collection Box features 13 Fine Studio XL Oil paints, linseed oil, brushes, palette knives, a palette, canvas boards and a marker, allowing you to cover a variety of oil techniques! Use the palette knives to layer the paint on impasto style or mix the linseed oil into your paint to thin it out so you can paint with layers in a style called glazing.

The Pebeo Huile Fine Studio XL Oil Paints are a thick and rich consistency that glide easily across your surface. The colours included in the set are intermixable, offering you a wide colour palette. Pebeo Huile Fine Studio XL Oil Paints offer the flexibility to amend and continue working into an artwork over an extended period without it drying out.

With a dry time of around 48 hours and overlay work possible after three days these oil paints can be applied to canvas, cardboard, and wood. Leave artworks to dry completely for 6-9 months before varnishing. Suitable for combining with oil mediums and solvents.

Pebeo Studio XL Huile Fine Oil Collection Box contains:

  • 12 x Fine Studio XL Oil 20ml (Primary Cadmium Yellow Imitation 02, Cadmium Yellow Deep Imitation 03, Cadmium Orange Imitation 04, Magenta 07, Ultramarine Blue 14, Primary Phthalo Blue 11, Vivid Turquoise 38, Sap Green 17, Yellow Ochre 20, Burnt Umber 23, Payne’s Grey 45, Ivory Black Imitation 24) 
  • 1 x Fine Studio XL Oil 80ml Titanium White 25
  • 1 x Linseed Oil 75ml
  • 1 x Black Artist 4mm Marker Bullet Tip
  • 2 x Synthetic Flat Brushes (Size #2 & #6)
  • 2 x Plastic Painting Knives (1 x Straight and 1 x Diamond)
  • 1 x Plastic Palette
  • 3 x Canvas Boards (22 x 16cm)