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Pentel Fabric Fun Crayons Sets

Original price $5.95 - Original price $10.95
Original price
$5.95 - $10.95
Current price $5.95
  • Handy crayons for fabric

  • Length: 60mm, Diameter 8mm

  • Acid-free

  • Available in two box sizes (7 or 15 crayons per box)

  • Ideal for creating bright, eye catching designs on natural, absorbent fabrics

  • Colours can be washed out as long as they haven€™t been fixed

  • To make permanent place tea towel over design and press with a hot  iron  

  • Suitable for children of three years upwards

Fabric Fun will bring colour into you wardrobe.

You can paint and decorate almost every kind of fabric with our Fabric Fun crayons. Designing individual products are no longer a problem. 

Whatever you choose, cloth, bags or pillow covers, with a few strokes you can easily change the pattern of the fabric and add some colour. Our crayons can even be used to touch up faded colours on furniture and clothes.

If you are not happy with your design and you want to try it again, no problem. Just wash the material and start again. But, as soon as you fix the colour with an iron, it will be permanent and won€™t fade.

We recommend bright fabrics made from cotton, silk or linen. The colours will complement every kind of natural, absorbent fabric.

Set of 7 contains the following colours: white, yellow, orange, red, yellow green, cobalt blue, black.

Set of 15 contains the following colours: black, blue green, cobalt blue, gray, green, orange, pink, prussian blue, red, van dyke brown, white, yellow, yellow green, yellow ochre, yellow orange.