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PERMASET AQUA Metallic Inks 300ml

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PERMASET AQUA Metallic Screen Printing Inks are water-based, opaque inks and are suitable for use on both light and dark fabrics without using an underbase. There are four metallic colours: Pearl White, Bright Silver, Gold Lustre, and Copper. Create Rose Gold by mixing Copper and Pearl White or intermix PERMASET AQUA Standard colours with Pearl White to create a universe of metallic colours.

PERMASET Inks are ideal for use on a full range of fabrics including cotton, polyester, silk and most synthetics. A water-based, non-toxic, phthalate free formulation, PERMASET Inks are low in odour, safe to use and may be easily cleaned up with water.

  • Rub resistance: Strong
  • Handle: Mild
  • Transparency: Opaque
  • Drying: Heat cure
  • Mesh: Monofilament polyester 43-90 T (110–225 tpi)
  • Stencil type: Must be water resistant, fully dried and fully cured
  • Clean up: Water
  • Applications: T-shirts, flags, banners, sports and fashion wear, scarves, swimwear, upholstery and window furnishings, yardage, cushions, table and bed linen, tea towels and tote bags
  • Fabrics: Cotton, cotton polyester blends and most synthetic fabrics
  • Open time: Add 1–3% PERMASET® Print Retarder