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PERMASET AQUA Puff Paste 300ml

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PERMASET AQUA Puff Paste puffs up when cured. It is most commonly used as a blend with PERMASET coloured inks, to add a 3D effect to designs. This added volume and texture can enhance design elements. It can also be used at very low addition levels to increase opacity. However this will compromise the soft handle and colour vibrancy.

  • Rub resistance: Poor (not suitable for furnishings)
  • Handle: Minimal
  • Transparency: Opaque
  • Drying: Heat cure
  • Mesh: Monofilament polyester 34-77 T (86-195 tpi)
  • Stencil type: Must be water resistant, fully dried and fully cured
  • Clean up: Water
  • Applications: T-shirts, sports and fashion wear, tote bags
  • Fabrics: Cotton, cotton polyester blends and most synthetic fabrics
  • Open time: Add 1–2% PERMASET® Print Retarder