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Posca Pastel Set

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Produce art with a spectrum of colours that are full of vibrancy and depth with the Posca Colour Pencil Set.

The Posca Colour Pencil Set offers smooth, professional results without leaving behind any residue. With a special wax formulation, these pastels provide a wide range of luscious colours, from light washes to deep and intense hues. The ergonomic design makes them easy to use for all levels of artist, providing a smooth and soft feeling with no stickiness.

Dare to express yourself as you blend and overlay colours for gradient shading or try out techniques like cross hatching, scratching, or stippling. The Posca Pastel Set also allows you to draw on almost any type of surface—paper, glass, metal, plastic, wood, or even stone. This set comes in an attractive hard plastic case that ensures your pastels are well protected during transportation. For gorgeous results every time you draw, trust the Posca Colour Pencil Set.

Sharpen Posca Pastels using a craft knife.

Colours in Posca Pastel Set: 1 White, 11 Fuschia, 21 Brown, 54 Light Orange, 2 Yellow, 12 Violet, 22 Dark Brown, 72 Apple Green, 3 Bright Yellow, 13 Pink, 24 Black, 78 Light Ochre, 5 Light Green, 14 Dark Red, 31 Emerald Green, 6 Green, 15 Red, 33 Blue, 8 Light Blue, 16 Vermilion, 37 Grey, 10 Prussian Blue, 18 Dark Olive, and 48 Sky Blue.