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Prismacolor Premier Eraser Set

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Prismacolor Premier Eraser Set gives artists a range of eraser options to clear mistakes from nearly any surface with ease! Included is a kneaded rubber eraser, an ArtGum eraser, and a plastic eraser, and together artists will be able to erase India ink, graphite, chalk, and more from their art surfaces.

  • Kneadable Eraser: easy to shape and is perfect for use with graphite, coloured pencil marks, charcoal, pastels, and chalk. It gives you control over the level of erasing, allowing illustrators and artists to lighten or completely remove markings or create shading in your work.
  • Art Gum Eraser: perfect for dry media and absorbing graphite, so you can clean any unwanted smudges or smears made by your lead. The block shape of the art gum eraser whittles away, leaving a fine powder that dry cleans your surface by picking up graphite and dirt alike.
  • Plastic Eraser: a versatile eraser that will easily remove a wide range of marks from your surfaces. This latex free eraser will allow you to remove marks with minimal mess.