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Sennelier Soft Half Pastels Set 20

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Sennelier Soft Half Pastels Set 20 is ideal for those wanting to build out their pastel collection. With 20 half pastels in a variety of colours, presented in a decorated cardboard box, this set from Sennelier allows artists to test out a wide range of colour options in their pastel artworks.

These pastels from Sennelier are extra soft, bright, lightfast, and water soluble. With the highest quality pigments, these pastels offer amazing results you€™re sure to love. They contain the same amount of pigment and binder as the Sennelier full sticks, but in a shorter, rounder, more compact stick form. The half size of these pastels is great for artists on the go and allows the pastels to withstand extensive handling.

Set contains 20 half pastels in: Viridian 252, Reseda Grey Green 212, Viridian 256, Lemon Yellow 603, Naples Yellow 99, Bright Yellow 341, Hot Brown 191, Mummy 104, Red Brown 6, White 525, Vermillion 83, Madder Carmine 378, Magenta Violet 940, Chinese Vermillion 791, Orange Lead 37, Helios Red 681, Cobalt Blue 353, Ultramarine Deep 388, Prussian Blue 288, Ivory Black 513.