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STAEDTLER FIMO Leather Effect Modelling Clays 57g

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STAEDTLER FIMO Leather Effect Modelling Clay is an oven-hardening modelling clay looks and even feels similar to leather after hardening and can be used for a wide range of projects including jewellery, accessories and home decoration.

FIMO Modelling Clays are easy to use; simply knead it, blend it, shape it & harden in the oven at 110°C (230°F) for 30 minutes.

Before Hardening

  • Achieve your preferred thickness by rolling it out. Tip: use the STAEDTLER FIMO Clay Machine to achieve an even surface
  • You can vary the leather effect by compressing the clay more firmly to achieve a smoother leather effect. To achieve a rawer leather effect, after rolling it out, gently pull/stretch the clay out by hand.
  • FIMO clay is self-adhesive. FIMO pieces will stick together. Create different colours on front and back by laying a different colour onto another. You can strength the bond by pressing and smoothing the clay. Clay items applied after hardening will not stick permanently
  • Clay will shrink slightly after hardening so if you need a specific size, it is best to make it a slightly larger size and cut to shape after hardening
  • FIMO leather effect can be combined with FIMO soft clays however this will lessen the leather effect depending on how much you add to the mix
  • Create patterns and colour blends by combining multiple colours together. Kneading your colours together thoroughly will create a new solid colour

 After Hardening

  • Leather effect is visible on both sides of clay
  • Pieces are flexible and bendable. If thin enough, FIMO leather effect is braidable, sewable and cuttable