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Winsor & Newton Galeria Long Handle Round Brushes

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Winsor & Newton Galeria Long Handle Round Brush is a great option for artists working with thick paints and mediums, but wanting to create fine details, lines and washes. This brush is a stiffer option than the short round brush and can also be used with oils and alkyd paint. Brushes feature a long handle with a round brush and round tip.

The Winsor & Newton Galeria range of brushes is a popular brush choice due to its versatility. While it is best suited to acrylic painting, the brush is suitable for all paint types. The bristles are made from synthetic filaments making it a strong and resilient brush with excellent spring. The Galeria range is great for different styles & techniques of painting, with bristles that are stiffer than sable hair and softer than hog hair brushes.


  • Wipe the brush bristles clean.
  • Rinse under running water.
  • For cleaning water-based varnishes: Using mild soap and warm water, swirl the brush on your palm and rinse.
  • For cleaning solvent-based varnishes: use an artist's white spirit or brush cleaner to thin down paint and lift it off the bristles, then rinse under water.
  • Repeat until the waters run clear.
  • For a thorough clean, soak the brush overnight in a brush cleaner, which will remove any dried acrylic colour.
  • Note: Wash immediately after using, or leave to soak in water if this is not possible to prevent paint drying on to bristles.