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Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour Sable Point Round Brushes

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$67.50 - $342.00
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Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour Sable Point Round Brush is popular among watercolour artists due to its versatility. These brushes are typically used for detailed work and washes.

The Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour brush range is the perfect match for Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour paints, or can be used with any other artist quality watercolour paints.

Each brush is constructed by hand using the finest Kolinsky sable hair for spring, shape and point retention. The Birchwood handles are designed for comfort, featuring a sculptured shape and a matte finish.


  • Wipe clean with a lint-free rag and rinse.
  • Using mild soap and cool water, swirl the soapy brush in the palm of your hand and rinse. (Avoid strong soaps and hot water)
  • Repeat until water runs clear.
  • Squeeze or shake off excess water, then gently reshape the bristles and leave to dry completely.
  • Once dry, store in a pot or jar with bristles facing upwards.