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Winsor & Newton Winton Hog Short Flat Brushes

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Winsor & Newton Winton Hog Short Flag Brush is used for controlled detail work and creating sharp edges and shapes. Featuring a long handle and a short flat brush head, these brushes are ideal for artists painting with thick paint colours.

The Winsor & Newton Winton brush range is best used with Winsor & Newton Oil Colour Paint, but is also suitable for painting with acrylic, alkyd and other oil paints. The brushes are made from a quality Chinese hog bristle that's durable and stiff, which allows the bristles to retain their shape even with heavy use.


  • Wipe excess colour with a rag.
  • Rinse off any remaining colour from the bristles using brush cleaner.
  • Create a lather and rinse under warm water until water runs clear.
  • Remove excess water, reshape bristles and leave to dry.
  • Note: ensure water is not hot, only warm.