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X-Press It Gold Size

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$19.95 - $34.95
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X-Press It Gold Size is a non-toxic and water-based adhesive, that is specifically designed for the art world and is perfect for use with paper, cardboard, textiles, timber glass, ceramics and many other surfaces. With gold size, you can easily adhere metal leaf to the surface of your choice.

To use Gold Size, simply apply a thin even coat with a brush over whatever basecoat you’re using – usually terracotta – and wait five to ten minutes until the size turns into its clear form. Then you’re ready to apply it to your project! Depending on how much product was used, it will be dry in 10 to 12 hours. Once the tacky feeling dulls out from the applied area then your artwork is complete. And when your project is completed be sure to varnish imitation leaf in order to avoid any sort of tarnishing.

After each use be sure to wash off all brushes or applicators with water so that you can always enjoy the best performance from X-Press Gold Size.