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X-Press It Transfer Paper Roll White (43cm x 3.7m)

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The X-Press It Transfer Paper Roll White is designed to make transferring designs onto any medium a breeze. Whether you’re looking for an easy way to transfer designs onto canvas, paper, wood or any other surface, this product was made just for you. Plus, this roll is versatile and can easily be cut to fit your needs perfectly. X-Press It Transfer Paper Roll Graphite can be used with both traditional and inkjet transfer methods.

For those looking to use the traditional method, all you have to do is place the transfer paper face down on your surface and trace your image over the top of it. And if inkjet transfer is more your style, simply print out your design at low ink settings directly onto the matte white paper side before tracing it onto whichever surface you like.

If you want an easier way to transfer your work onto whatever surface you choose, then X-Press It Transfer Paper Roll White has got you covered.