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PanPastel Colours

PanPastel Ultra Soft Pastels Explained

PanPastel Ultra Soft Pastels are professional artists’ quality soft pastel colours packed in a unique pan format. Their special qualities mean that artists can blend and apply pastel (dry) colour like paint.

PanPastel Ultra Soft Pastels are incredibly versatile and can be applied like paint using the unique PanPastel Sofft Tools. They can be mixed like paint to create an infinite palette of colours and are also easily removable using most types of erasers. These versatile pastels are compatible with pastel sticks, coloured pencils, charcoal pencils, markers, watercolours, inks and acrylics making them a perfect medium for painting, drawing and mixed media applications.

All colours in the range are cadmium-free.

Panpastel Ultra Soft Pastels are made using a unique manufacturing process requiring a minimal amount of binder. This results in ultra-soft, low dust and rich, pure colours. The round pastel pan container contains around 40% more product than the average size pastel stick and approximately 4-5 times more coverage.

PanPastel Information

Basic PanPastel Tips & Tricks

  • Swipe the Sofft Tool over the pan surface 1-2 times to lift the color. Don't over swipe as it will create excess dust.
  • To clean the Sofft Tool between different colours, wipe left to right on a dry paper towel.
  • You can mix different colours (just like paint) to create your own ideal colour. This can be done either mixed on the pan surface or on your working surface.
  • PanPastel Colors work with all pastel compatible products including all conventional spray pastel fixatives.
  • Use an eraser to fix up any smudging or errors.

PanPastel Tips & Tricks

Feeling inspired?

Check out these fun Lesson Plans or create a beautiful, serene seascape painting with artist Joanne Barby pick up a load more tips and techniques on basic painting with PanPastel.

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