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PERMASET Metal Silkscreens

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PERMASET Metal Silk Screens are constructed from a sturdy and robust metal frame with a polyester mesh stretched over the frame. PERMASET Metal Silk Screens are used for screen-printing onto fabric and paper using fabric printing inks and squeegees.

The 43T mesh is suitable for printing fine details on both fabric and paper, while the 24T mesh has been specially developed for screen printing with foil inks containing flakes or puff paste inks that require a looser weave mesh.

  • The 26cm x 30cm (small) silk screen is perfect for printing small projects including single imagery or repeat pattern prints.
  • The 34cm x 29cm (medium) sized silk screen is the ideal size for printing onto cushion, tea towels, tote bags, scarves, napkins, and cards.
  • The 80cm x 59cm (large) sized silk screen is great for printing onto t-shirts, tea towels and larger sized projects with repeat pattern prints.