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PERMASET Printing Squeegee

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$35.00 - $76.75
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PERMASET Printing Squeegee are the perfect pairing for your PERMASET Metal Silk Screens, or for use with any silk screen to get a nice, even paint application when screen printing.

PERMASET Printing Squeegee feature a durable metal handle with a polyurethane square edge blade. The professional blade is durable, retaining its sharp edge over multiple uses. They are best used in conjunction with fabric printing inks and metal silk screens to create gorgeous, screen-printed designs.

Tu use, drag the squeegee across your silk screen to pass the ink through onto your chosen surface in consistent, even applications.

  • 150mm squeegee is best with the 26cm x 30cm (small) silk screen.
  • 200mm squeegee is best with the 34cm x 29cm (medium) silk screen.
  • 460mm squeegee is best with the 80cm x 59cm (large) silk screen.